TeachSmart Design
TeachSmart Design allows teachers and publishers to create interactive multimedia presentations that include text, graphics and video clips on each page.  Lessons with video and graphics can also be uploaded to a school's website and reviewed by students at home.

Create a lesson that keeps relevant information on the same page with notes, an image and a video clip that goes along with that lesson.  From a single screen, a teacher can begin a lesson by clicking a button to enlarge the text and provide the class with with opening notes explaining the lesson.  From the same screen, with a second click, a teacher can enlarge a graphic that shows a picture for that lesson.  On the third click, the instructor is able to re-enforce the lesson by playing a video clip specifically related to the lesson. 

Each one of those peices, text, image and video can all be presented with separate clicks all from the same screen.

Single Computer License - $395
* Call for quotes for multiple computers or school licenses

The SMART Board 685 IX interactive whiteboard system, bundled with TeachSmart Design software offers instructors an unparalleled learning and training experience. As one of the first intregrated systems to combine an ultra-short throw projector, a widescreen interactive whiteboard and an extended control panel, the 685ix provides extraordinary image quality and a large interactive surface for teaching and learning.

The SMART 685ix combined with TeachSmart Design software will get your students' attention.  Imagine bolder and brighter learning sessions presentations that incorporate text, graphics and video clips from within a single source that allows you to deliver to your students critical aspects of your presentation with a single touch.
See TeachSmart Design in Action
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One Touch to Enlarge your Text One Touch to Enlarge your Images One Touch to Enlarge your Video
For more information on multiple license systems or SMART Board bundles, please contact us at 800-251-4077