Sports Software
Product Name Individual 3-Computer Site License
Quik Scout inMotion (Click for more info) $195 $495
QuikScout inMotion w/ BFL 6 Core Lift Videos $295 $795
NOTE: This can also be licensed out to a school or organization for $2,500.
Digital Editing and Scouting (includes Filmroom & Player Portfolio Modules)
QuikScout Football $995 $1,995
QuikScout Basketball $795 $1,495
QuikScout Volleyball $795 $1,495
QuikScout Baseball/Softball $795 $1,495
QuikScout Soccer $795 $1,495
QuikScout Hockey $795 $1,495
QuikScout Multisport* $795 $1,495
QuikScout Additional Modules (Add these Modules to your QuikScout Software)
QuikScout Design $995
Live Capture (Only Available for Football & Basketball) $495
QuikScout Defense Module (Football Only) $875
QuikScout inMotion $195
Football - Scouting Only (No Video Editing)
QuikScout Offense $395
QuikScout Offense / Defense $595
Statistics Software
QuikStat Football $195
QuikStat Basketball $195
*QuikScout Multisport:    Multisport allows you to customize a blank template to whatever sport your using.  For example, if you're a lacrosse coach, since we don't have a specific lacrosse program, you can customize Multisport with you own lacrosse categories for video editing.
Education Software
Product Name Single User License 5-Computer License 10-Computer License 20-Computer License
TeachSmart Design $395 $995 $1,595 $2,995
TeachSmart Basic Math $395 $995 $1,595 $2,995
Both TeachSmart Design and TeachSmart Basic Math are also available as a building site license for a $2,500 yearly site license.