QuikScout Player  
With easy to use web publishing software, parents and athletes can preserve and share important sports memories with family and friends.  By mixing video vlips, photos and text, the QuikScout Player software helps athletes and parents create a virtual scrapbook.  After completeing their scrapbook and entering their upload settings, QuikScout Player will automatically build and upload the athlete's web pages to their chosen site. 

Open up a blank portfolio and build pages that can include senior pictures with personal information, academic records, athletic statistics or family history.  You can also include favorite plays selected from your QuikScout Player Library.

Create pages using images such as report cards or newspaper articles in JPG, BMP or GIF formats or import AVI, MPEG or WMV files.

Once those pages have been created, you can create a presenation on your computer to present to other people or you can package the whole thing up and upload to a website.  You can email that website link out to family, friends or coaches.

Website Examples:
Football Basketball Soccer Baseball Track

If you would like to see a demo of the QuikScout Player, check out our Walking Tour page and look at a series of videos that show how to use the program from start to finish.  You can find the Walking Tour Link here.

Finally, you can buy QuikScout Player for just $99 along with other great coaching and athletic software over at our Online QuikScout Store.